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Energetically Speaking - Finding Purpose

What's my purpose? When the time came that my children were either grown, or very near to it, I began to wonder about that. I felt sure that my purpose had been to raise these beautiful souls, but that task was almost complete. Now what? Had that been my only purpose in life? Was there to be a new one? If so, what was it, and where might it lead? When I grapple with big questions like this, my Guides always help me, and they do so in ways that are beautiful and elegant in their simplicity. Yours will too if you simply ask and trust what you receive.

Most of the time when my Guides communicate with me, they do it where I sit or stand. Other times when the message is of such importance that they want to make sure it stays with me; they meet me at another place. Sometimes we meet at this place while I’m meditating. Other times it will be when I’m dreaming.

It always begins the same, in a beautiful meadow. Different Guides will show up and walk with me to different places from this starting point depending on the message I am to receive. Sometimes we walk to the edge of the meadow and stand on a cliff. There is a lush valley beneath it and mountains across from it. Sometimes we walk until a curtain of tropical greenery appears. We pass through it and come to a beach with white and gold sand and calm clear aquamarine waters. Other times we’ll walk to a bench in a garden surrounded by beautiful flowers. The colors in all parts of this place are brighter and more vibrant than any in the regular world. The only thing more intense than the colors, is the overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance that surrounds and fills me while I am there.

On this particular outing, one of my Guides met me in the meadow. We began to walk towards a grove of trees. “So,” my Guide communicated, “you want to know your job.” I nodded yes and began to get excited. “Okay. We’ll show you.” We approached the semi-circle of trees. I was surprised to see the rest of my Spirit team assembled there. Whether standing or lounging, dapples of light peeking through the canopy surrounded and landed on them all. I was really excited now. The whole gang was here. It must mean something big. Was I about to be handed the manuscript to the next great American novel?

The Guide who had first met me stood in the center of the trees and said, “Look.” All of us lifted our heads. “Do you see that” the Guide pointed and asked, “the spot of light shining between the leaves?” “Yes.” I whispered. The Guide said, “That’s your job.” The whole team smiled and nodded in agreement.

“These trees are magnificent, but even more magnificent is the sublime and moving space between them, as with their growth, it too increased.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

That message has been like a compass to me in the years since I received it. When I’m prone to feeling helpless because I cannot do or help as much as I may want, like when my mother was dying, I am reminded that it is not my job to be the whole source of great light. My job is to be a part of it. When I begin to feel overcome by the ugliness in the world, I am reminded that it is not my job to chop down any trees or even to trim them. My job is to shine through them. When I got lost in either the hundreds of mundane details of life or the grand plans and schemes I may have for it, my Guides pop that image back in my head. I am reminded of what my true job is here.

My Guides only ever tell me what it is they believe I need to know at the time, no matter how much I may wish otherwise. I do not know if this is your purpose as well. For all I know, you may be meant to be one of the leaves that provides shade. What I do know, is that there are a lot of trees with a lot of leaves. Among them are many, many pieces of light shining through them. I am not the only one. If this resonates with you, maybe it is because to be a piece of light shining through the leaves in the trees is your job too.



Traci Duncan is a Psychic Channel and Medium based out of Dallas, Texas with over 30 years of experience. She works with Spirit Guides and Angels to pass on messages of hope and healing for the highest spiritual good of all parties involved.

Copyright Traci Duncan 2020

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