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Energetically Speaking – Action A Channeled Message

There is a belief that says – Take responsibility for your actions. This is all well and good, but may we suggest you shift this to – Take responsibility for your energy, for your vibration. This is what ultimately results in your actions, after all.

This is part of the backwards or reverse thought processes that occurs here.

If you are angry, you will act in anger. If you are feeling compassionate, you will act in kindness. Yes, you are responsible for all of it. This is your manifestation.

People are taught as children, for their whole lives, to be responsible for their actions. Very few, however, are taught to be responsible for their feelings and how they process and project the energy associated with them.

For a very long time, for everyone here, there is a deep simultaneous remembering and forgetting. A part of you knows there is a Divine Spark flowing through you and all that is. At the same time, you forget so much when you come here.

This is why there is a tendency to try and run before you can walk. Which, if one is extremely determined, they may eventually accomplish. But it will be done with many trips, falls, bruises, bumps, and tears.

There is an easier way.

First, you crawl. Recognize the Divine in everything, including you. Then you stand. Use this knowledge to be both empowered and humbled. The universe is about balance.

Next, walk. You are bombarded with and emit energy constantly. This generally presents in the form of feelings. Learn to identify both what and whose they are. Learn how to both accept and manage them. Part of learning to walk is learning where and when to tread lightly and where and when it is perfectly fine to stomp. Once you have mastered these things, run as often and as freely as you like.

Many, most, act first. Then they reflect on how they feel or felt about the action, whether it was beneficial or not. What they may have done differently. Sometimes, after reflecting, they talk to God about it.

We suggest that for your ease and advancement this order be reversed. Talk to God. Check your feelings and vibration, and then act. Low, neutral, and higher vibrational energies affect the outcome of one’s actions.

Three people may go to the shore. One who is afraid of water will have a miserable time. One who is curious about it will be exposed to new experiences. One who is excited about it will find things to be excited about. All three took the same action, but it was the feeling each brought first that affected their outcomes and perspectives.

Realize too, that it is not possible to be happy or excited about everything. Try not to let those times send you into fear or dread. Instead, try to approach these things as a curious observer.

It is fine to take a few wobbly steps back down the mountain sometimes. Try not to turn around and go all the way back down or slide to the bottom. You have already climbed so much higher than you realize.

You are love. Be love. You are loved.

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