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Energetically Speaking - Energetic Memory Banks

It’s a beautiful day. A windows open day. My neighbors are having a small party. They are speaking a language I don’t know and can’t understand. I don’t need to. The sounds are universal. Children playing. Women laughing. Men good naturedly teasing. “No. No. No.” followed by a chorus of “Aaahs!” and laughter. These are lovely sounds on a lovely day.

These neighbors don’t party often, but when they do, it goes on for days. Their guests came last night. They won’t leave until tomorrow. I suspect they have such extended parties because they don’t have parties often. Maybe it is a way to stock up the good vibes of love, friendship, laughter, and joy. An energetic memory bank where they make occasional large deposits so that they can make small withdrawals from it as needed.

I had a very small gathering myself a few weeks ago. My brother and sisters came over for dinner one night when my oldest son came to visit me for a few days. I’m very fortunate in that we not only love each other, we like each other as well. Some evenings we played games; on others we simply enjoyed each other’s company. My son and I feasted each day he was here. As I paused to pray before dinner one night, I was struck by the sense of love and joy I was feeling.

I thought about that as I lay in bed later. It’s wonderful to have the company of people we like and love. Why are we inclined to let those good feelings leave when they do? It’s not like they take the love away with them when they drive off. It occurred to me that those good feelings we get from them are available to us whether they are physically here or not.

As a medium, I am always telling my clients, “They are still here. It is all energy. The loving energy remains. They are still around.” I had to laugh at myself. Why did it take me so long to realize that the same applies to the living as it does to the departed? The love and happiness they bring into our lives can and does exist whether or not they are physically present.

"So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good." - Hellen Keller

Granted, it is easier to tap into those feelings and energies when they are with us, but those feelings and energies remain regardless. People want so much to know and feel that the love remains when people have passed. However, it is just as, if not more, important to realize that the love remains with and for those who are still with us on Earth, despite our disparate locations.

This year most of us haven’t seen as much of the people we love as we’d like. It’s easy to let that get us down and to feel a little sad, depressed, and lonely. When those times come, make a withdrawal from your own energetic memory bank. Look back on the love and joy you felt with them. Feel it deep in your heart and soul. Know that it still exists. Bring it forward. It still surrounds you whether or not they can right now.


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